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Error 1073740791 in Windows 10


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I am using Windows 10 Home x64 in a PC. Only one user account which has full admin rights and have not linked any MS account to it. Few weeks back there was an usual Windows update and then the Windows started showing these errors if we open any app that requires admin access

Current Windows version, Winver

The number 1 solution that I found on the internet is to run chkdsk via cmd by opening it as an admin but when I open cmd as an admin, I get the same error. I opened My computer, right clicked on C drive>> properties>> tools>>> error checking, though it shows admin rights on Check but it ran and showed no error

I seem to have full admin rights 4 Ways to Check If I Have Administrator Rights in Windows 10

Method 1

Method 2

Method 3

Method 4
Windows 10 Home Edition does not have Local Users and Groups option so that is the reason you aren't able to see that in Computer Management.
You can use User Accounts by pressing Window+R, typing netplwiz and pressing OK as described here.

Still admin there

Poweshell How to check if a user account is an Administrator in Windows 11/10 still admin there

So, if I am admin everywhere then why is it displaying that error?

Some Google searches are saying to open this page

And run CMD chckdsk from there. How to open this page?

What should I do?



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Looks like you posted a similar thread a few days ago here 1073740791 and The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent Errors on this same forum.

I added some inputs, not sure if you found anything relevant. Still copy-pasting the same response again here for your reference.

Do you have a restore point to revert back? If so, try restoring your system to an earlier date and check again.
Try creating a new admin user and check again
You can try refresh windows from within settings and keep your files while you do so. This is near to reinstall but not exactly as you are allowed to keep your files, so windows 10 will just refresh itself as if it’s newly installed but all your files will be intact. Third party apps may need reinstallation later.
Still in worst case (even otherwise regular) backup is recommended.
If you are left with a clean install as a final option, assuming you have never done it before, make sure to create a system image using suitable tools/apps, thereafter so that in future if you really need to restore, you have something to fall back on, just in case.

About your current query how to access Advanced Options, go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Advanced Startup -> Restart Now and then that page will be visible upon restart. You may need to still click Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options


Right off the assembly line
Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager. Select the Processes tab. Scroll down and select Windows Explorer, Right click then select Restart. Please try to run SFC and DISM to check for any system errors and corrupted files.

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