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English Wordlist

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Hey folks,

i been searching in internet for the past 2 weeks for a complete word list of English language.

Also i am in need of a site that can give some nice translation support for Indian Languages. Google Translate and Babelfish in Yahoo provides support for International Languages.

Actually, One of my project is to build a dictionary. Thats the reason i am searching all over Google, Yahoo and few other search engines.

Do any one know or refer such sites for me ? would be surely appreciated.

Thanks in advance..

- Rprotocol


Legen-wait for it-dary!
I dont know how complete they are, but googling "english word list" provides lots of results.

Dictionary - online or offline?


I have Yolks not Brains!
Is there any site, in which if a give simple english word, it will provide me with a rare/ hard synonym of it ........

Like If i give Nonsense it provides me with bilge...
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||uLtiMaTE WinNER||
Guys, i need a mobile dictionary for Nokia 3110c. therefore plz suggest me a software and hey it must hv followinf features also
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