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I am not much concerned about the price and technology of 3D TV’s. All I want is my 3D TV to look like an elegant piece of art in my living space. Which TV would be the most suitable for that?

Kirtu Jindal

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If exterior styling is your only criteria, then you must look at LG 55” LM6700, Panasonic TH-L47ET50D and the Samsung ES8000 3D TV’s. The Panasonic model is conventionally elegant while the LG and Samsung TVs have a futuristic feel to them. But as far as features and pricing is concerned LG is a clear winner.


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Hi raghav.suri. LG WRman Greg here!

If you're looking for an elegant 3D TV, LG Cinema 3D TVs are all about elegance. We added the thin bezel feature on them not just so it looks attractive but so it'll let the viewers have a much better 3D experience as well. Then if you add in the chrome ribbon stand, the TV looks beautiful whether it is on or off.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask or check out the official site for more info at *www.lg.com/in/3d-tvLG

WRman Greg out!
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