Easy Recovery - Help Needed !!


Hey... I was recovering data from one of my drives...
This drive was accidently formatted. I have been able to recover most of the data from it using RAW recovery in Easy Recovery Professional 6.
Now i need to recover 3 more types of files i.e 3GP,ISO,RAR. Easy recovery professional gives u the ability to recover all types of files but these three are not present.
But the do give a place to add file types. When i click on adding file types it asks me for -
1.The extension
2.The signature
3.The offset

I know the extensions but what should i fill up for signature and offset ???
Pls help....


I tired that already... Its not working.


Im giving your method a try right now... I will post the result soon.

Go to

Search for any file type and see the column that says "Identifying Characters".
It gives the Hex code i.e the signature with an offset of 0 bytes. This allows easy recovery professional to recognize the files.

Thanks for the help people.
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3GP files often gets damaged or corrupted due to the influence of some malicious application or malware application downloads. However the files can be repaired by going through proper 3GP recovery procedure and restore the lost data as well.
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