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Ea Sports Cricket 2008 Launch Or Not?

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Hey Freinds Tell Me Is Ea Launch Cricket 08 Or Not
If Yes Tell Me Abt It And Hrdware Requ.
If Not When Will
no official news from EA.
maybe in jan 08.
maybe never
why cricket 08.many noo cricket gaes r coming such as the art of cricket and cricket life 08.both are better than ea cricket.


Beyond Smart
^^Yes and most probably the source has been sold to some 3rd party! Theres a new cricket game coming up called Cricketlife08 made by a company called "Gamebience"! You guys check out for yourselves and tell me what you think ??

Its clear EA has sold the code to which company now,aint it ? ;)



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hmmmmm it seems ea dont want to spoil ther reputation after making prostreet and fifaa 08 so they dont bring out cricket 08


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yeah its a expansion pack ......

when the next version going to get released ??

more i don't think people who create these cricket games have any idea of what they are doing ...

look at madden ... / fifa.. they rock... but cricket just sucks ...


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It has been released ..... in Palika. :D . btw who cares , cricket games have been a dissapointment from last two gen.
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