dvd writing speed problem

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i hav sony DVD DRU810A and nero 6.6. it usually writes a 4.7 GB at 8x within 7 minutes. but today when i wrote, it takes me around 15 mintues which is twice the time taken!! y is this happening?? how do i get to finish faster.

for how long u r using ur DVD writer? did u installed any new software recently or is ur hard disk full? try to fix the RAM properly if its dirty or remove and place it properly. see that all the plugs connecting writer r properly. see to it that u dont use any software or application while writing.
is ur PC freezing sometimes?


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u cud try the riter on diff media and on diff computer.ur riter is quite decent , so i expect it's ur source ( HDD mostly ) that is slow . try riting data from diff drive , defragment drives.
what s the capakity of ur HDD partition from wich u are riting ?
try riting an image first and burn the image.
if all these fail try changing the cables ( power cable , master slave combi , etc.. )

PS , do all these if the problem is repeating !!
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