Dust and Mobile Phones

Does dust get into your mobile phone LCD panel

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hi everyone
i had purchased a Sony Ericsson T230 about 25 days back. Now when I hold it in bright sunlight i can see a few specks of dust inside the LCD panel. I fail to understand how on earth dust gets inside the panel. Will the company repair/replace the phone if I contact the customer service?
Please Help !!
thank you


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do u keep the cell in ur pant pockets/shirt pockets . i have seen guys wearing same jeans for days and keeping cell in their pocket . dust somehow creeps that way . other ways to eliminate dust is use original plastic covers , duplicate ones are not much use . or laminate ur cell . if in chennai , they do it at spencers and many more places ranging from 10 - 25 Rs . if dust can go in , i think so can water and moisture . since u must be under warranty as customer service centre to have it checked and plugged properly . some phones have rubber lining inside to protect it from small particles of dust and moisture . get it checked b4 it ruins the phone


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First Of all Was this a Query Or a Poll mate?????? :? .....anyways Btw Even i was in a same situation while purchasing my cell The dealer tried to give me a used piece but hey come on everyone knows how can there be So much dust on the Screen as well as the Box That has been used to pack it up.....so then i asked for a Different piece and to my Luck it was Fully Clean and a New Box Packed piece.....but urs is a totally different Situation as The dust seems to have creeped into The Lcd Screen somehow....well was this before The purchase too????? If so just Contact ur dealer and let him know of the situation...usually they dont take these type of things that Seriuosly or dont pay much Heed to It....but if u insist on it they just might assist u with it...and another word of advice do purchase a Dust cover to cover ur mobile Properly.... :D


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people.....dust enters into the inside of ur cell phone screen through the space that is left on the speaker of the phone....notice that when u put ur phone to ur ear the speaker voice is very clear cause there is not metal or plastic interfering thats put on the speaker...as the dust enters the space left for the voice..it settles down on yr screen


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i think panels should be more dust/moisture proof

more concerning is the problem about that "Liquid Damage".almost all frnds i have, have lost their warranty(nokia) due to this prob..
i think nokia phones are not for indian conditions(sweaty atmosphere)
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