Dual Monitor with Different Fresh Rates


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Just noticed the 2nd monitor is Zenith. I used to have a zenith pc(they used to sell fully assembled pc years ago) back in 2005.


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I think this qualifies for a bug report.
Yes. I have reported AMD about this issue using their bug report utility, thought not in this much of details. All I can do is wait and watch. Till then I have to either use single monitor or get habitual of plugging unplugging the hdmi cable.
Yes, the wallpaper is of RDR2. Its on the primary screen at 16:10 ratio and gets mirrored to second screen as well but 4:3 cropped. Never played the game though.

It might be worth a try to clean install OS. Contact your GPU vendor & try to get it RMA'd.
I can't get it RMA'd. Sapphire brand has third party service centers in India and are known to be careless among indian gaming community AFAIK. These guys are simply warning the customers prior accepting cards that replacement or repair may take upto 2 months as there is shortage of parts that use to come from china.
Gonna buy Asus or Giga stuff in future as they have their own proper repairing facilities locally.
Will reinstall OS tomorrow and check.
Standby :)
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