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Dragon city hack download


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Hi guys theres a really cool game called dragon city on fb and android.theres a hack 4 it 2 get money and all that.but 2 dwnload it we need 2 take a survey.but u need 2 be a us citizen.pls suggest a way 2 get it.pls email me if u have the software and password.thnx.


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Staff member
Probably malicious software. Don't run after all these. You'll come across many sites which claims to provide cheat code or some other hack to get most out of the game.


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dont click any link which tells you to complete a survey in order to access the specified file. if you click, then your computer can get possibly infected with viruses.

Dont use SMS lingo.

Also piracy is not allowed here


Surveys are always fake.I once bypassed it and able download the file:p - later it turned out to be blank text/pdf file.
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