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Downloading problem (from rtsp:// server)

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Hi! a few files I require are located on a rtsp:// server. All download agents take http:// as the prefix but do not take rtsp:// . How do I download the files I need. When I click on the link for the files, they open in their programs but cannot be donwloaded by DOWNLOAD agents (like Flash Get, Free Download Manager, etc.) They are Real Player files and hence, cannot be saved from Real Player as other files can be saved from their respective programs.. What do I do?


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I did took some search and found something which might help you a bit.

* http://www.rtsp.org/

The above links gives you a small info and details about wht the RTSP really are and some indepth details.

* http://www.rtsp.org/2001/faq.html

As the link says its a FAQ link where you get almost all details about the RTS Protocol.

* http://stream-down.cocsoft.com/

This is wht u really need. Its the software home page which helps you download files from rts protocols.

CoCSoft Stream Down is a streaming media download tool. It supports not only HTTP and FTP download, but also streaming media download such as RTSP, MMS, MMSU, MMST.

- download RTSP
- download MMS
- download MMST
- download MMSU
- download HTTP
-download FTP

Hope the above links really helped. And my request is Digit shud bring such cool stuffs on the magazines for members who just know only http smtp and ftp and this could be a boon to them.
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