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Could you suggest a good video downloader which can save flv files from any video hosting sites?


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Try Orbit downloader. It is simply the best. It can grab the flash movies from any site and downloading speed is also awesome. after installing, run the orbit, go to tools and click on grab++. Then simply go to the site where from u want to download the video. hold mouse on the video for sometime and u will see "grab it icon". use it to download the flash. or simply click on the video u want to view. while it starts buffering, grab++ should have captured it. just simply press the download button and ur job is done!
And plz search d forum b4 creating a new thrd...............these r common probs u would lots of options if u search


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if u have firefox web browser u can download flv files easily....just need to download an addon called
Video DownloadHelper

and follow the instructions................
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