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download video file?

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hello every one ...

How can i download an video files that play in IE window only ???

that means if i click on the video file it opens new window and play the video in IE window i am not talking abt media which comes left side of the IE but it plays in IE windowonly,,,if i click save target as then it saves the file in HTML document and doesnt play video it asks net conection ,,i also tried going to file and choosing save as then also it doesnt play file without internet connection,,,so i there any software or method to save the video file on my hard disk and play on media player
thanking all


i think it ll play anything except real media and quicktime. all you gotta do is
*click Media on the toolbar to open the Media bar.
*Click Media Options, point to Settings, and then click the settings you want to turn on or off
*selecting:play web media in the bar will automatically play digital media files opened from Internet Explorer in the Media Bar instead of the default player.
*selecting:Ask for preferred types will prompt you when you try to open a media file from the Web by being asked if you want to open that file in the Media bar. When you open a file in the Media bar, the file type for the file is saved.

as for videos http://www.altavista.com/video/default is the best place.


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I think hes talking about streaming media which is streamed directly
and not downloaded locally on the harddrive.
Like streaming avi,rm,mov files.
You cannot directly save this media to your harddisk.
For saving it locally the streaming media needs to be captured
in realtime using some third party software.
Many tools are available for this purpose, both freeware and
Google it or search at www.download.com.


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hey yesh_1683

i dont know if you are talking abt streaming media or not
you can give us a link to show wht exactly are u talking abt

now if you r not talking abt streaming media then there is one solution
1.use firefox
2.when that page opens ... press " CTRL+J" ( page info )
3.go to media tab in the " page info " dialogue box
4. select your media file and then save it


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i am not sure if this is gonna work but just give it a try..
first clear the temp folders
then open the link and let the media file download and play....
not that the media is playing.... open the temp internet files(win 98)
or search for files that were created in the last 24 hrs in the temp folder..
now you can see the files...


if u mean playing the video after u download it onto ur harddisk then just right-click on the video file ( which is ofcourse is in ur harddisk ) and select open with -> Internet Explorer.
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