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Doom 3 , Half life advised to be avoided!!

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According to the
Ninth Annual MediaWise Video Game Report Card

Parent Alert! Games to avoid for your children and teens


1. Doom 3 -----------------------------------M
2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas --------M
3. Half Life 2 ---------------------------------M
4. Halo 2 -------------------------------------M
5. Resident Evil: Outbreak------------------M
6. Psi Ops: the Mindgate Conspiracy-------M
7. The Guy Game----------------------------M
8. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude--M
9. Mortal Kombat Deception-----------------M
10. Rumble Roses----------------------------M

MediaWise Recommended Games for children and teens

1. ESPN NFL 2 K5------------------------------E
2. Pikmin 2-------------------------------------E
3. Sly 2: Band of Thieves---------------------E
4. Karaoke Revolution Volume 3-------------E
5. Madden NFL 2005---------------------------E
6. Jak 3-----------------------------------------T
7. Prince of Persia-----------------------------T
8. Myst IV: Revelation------------------------T
9. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3--------------------E
10. SimCity 4----------------------------------E

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post ur views.........


Hmm, mature for Kids, not for atleast me

However, even I would say Doom 3 is be horrifying for kids under 14, they should refrain from playing it

No Idea about HL2, cos I have not played it yet


Ratings are waste ..never been a criteria deciding a game..atleast for me
Everyone has a decent enough brain to decide which game to play and which not to. :p

And hey,if you don't play those games on the list,then what should we play?? As TheInquirer says bring back the ping pong! :) :?

Harry Iyer

Right off the assembly line
And that is meant for parents. Not for us. And if you havent played Doom III, you havent played nothing at all.


I guess no body follows these ratings
and making these ratings; makes only ppl below that age group play it
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