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document access denied

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Hey Guyz!!!
I again need expert solution form you guys.
Actually I do lot of work on my laptop and mostly do backup of these but i didn't do it for the last month and now my laptop does not work.:confused:
i dont care about the laptop but my data is very important to me so I took out the harddisk from the laptop and the used a device to make the harddisk as a usb harddisk. i recovered some of the file which i had kept in the other drive but the document and setting folder which has the main data kept in is having problem, so now when i try to open the folder for my username in the document and settings folder it says "access is denied" this might be because of the user name and password which i use to log on to the laptop and the windows must have encrypted it. but as now the laptop is dead is there a way to open this folder an copy the content.
I was using windows xp in the laptop. Please guys help me in this, i need my data its my whole work life.:confused:
Thank is advance.


हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
Hmmm...I will suggest you experiment with this one:
On the other PC(to which you have attached the laptop harddisk now), create an user account with the same username and password as you had on your laptop. Now try opening the file through this newly created user account.

Again, let me tell you that this is my wild guess. It may not work.
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