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Do You Believe In Past Life?


Broken In
Do you believe in past life.Or any of Digitian had Past life therapy,regression or memory of past life,or any Metaphysical Experience.Please Share.


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Staff member
No rational person would believe in Past Life or whatever fancy term you use in its stead.


Wise Old Owl
It is believed that Cats were once Brahmins(in their past lives) which explains their increased affection towards fish and meat;)


Wise Old Owl
how do you explain laser pointers ?

i dont know about man made things.you explain?;)

Philosophers like Rajneesh(Osho) knew about their pastlives were able to explain it.When Osho was born he didnt drink milk for 3 days.He said that in his past life he was somebody who had been trying fasting for 21 days and he died 3 days before he could finish it.So 3 days in his next life compensated it.


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There's nothing such as a soul as in something divine which changes body and takes "birth".

We're just an organic machine. A great one indeed.
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