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Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen them

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^^^ Well, i think i had came across this file in past, but i think its 1-2 years back :blink:..U have made me, remember my old days..And yea this file/program is excellent.. :) Will send this to all of my n00b school-mates.. :nanananana:


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4 days ago i went with my doggy in a very lonely lane at night 11:30...due to rainy season the bush have grown much every where....the place seems much haunted with 2 street tubelights continously blinking:oops:....what I saw was a girl in bridal dress on the nearby bush laying down:shock:(donno if sleeping....or running away..but looked like dead)...I got a chilling sizzle instantly...but when I came back after some time She was not there...I literally ran away:razz:...
There I go daily for night walk with doggy...but the conditions r much like a horror scene...no sign of people for 100 meters anywhere...nice exp though:twisted:


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^^:razz:he must have smelt the truth...but soo sad cant tell me...BTW he didnt even barked there...must have got chlll like me:grin::grin:


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Hello all..
I am new to thinkdigit. THis is my first post.

I have a question. Why do ghosts prefer night or darkness??
The answer may be that it is easier to play tricks on our mind then


did anyone noticed demon in someone's body (pret aatma kaa saaya ) on someone ?
watched paranormal Activity and whatever happnes in that movie happnes in real too (not with me)


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I was coming home from a party it was early, early morning. It gives me chills as I remember! As I came up to my street, I noticed a person standing on the side of the road, it wasn't unusual to see friends walking home from other friends houses late night, there was a few of us that lived on the same street and we liked to have fun. So I passed my street, intending to pick up a friend. When this person came into focus, all I could do was gasp, and feel shocked. I knew instantly it was a ghost, I felt it in my bones.

An old man, wearing a light brown fisherman's hat, which made it hard for me to see his eyes. I could see his cheeks, mouth, and nose... But no expression, or movement whatsoever. The only expression was a stone cold stare. He had his little white long-haired dog with him, on a leash. They both just stared, standing perfectly still. The dog was not sniffing around the grass, or wagging his tail happy to be outside, or doing anything except staring at me. He was cute though. I could see there was color to the man's clothing, but everything about them was white. Not glowing, just tinted with white.

I was so astonished that I had really seen a ghost; I had to go back for another look. I was second guessing myself after wards, thinking maybe it was just a man taking his doggy to pee pee in the middle of the night, but I dismissed that quickly. Aside from the fact I have never seen an animal stay perfectly still for so long, I knew in my heart that this was a ghost I had just seen.

So I made a U-turn at the next block. This is a rural area, there are no street lights, and the blocks are about a half mile apart. As soon as my headlights hit the road, shining in the darkness I saw those two glowing dots that reflect from animals eyes when headlights hit them in the dark. The animal did not look away once (I was watching very, very closely) the eyes glowed in the darkness until I was close enough to fully illuminate them once again with the headlights. They watched, unmoving and white, until I passed. I wonder if he wanted something, I felt sorry for him.

Another thing, they had switched sides. When I passed the first time they were on my passenger side, and when I passed them the second time coming from the other direction, they had moved over the road so they were still on my passenger side. The story pales in comparison to others I read on here, but it's still my ghost story.



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awww right koolbuddy92, did ju notice there is boogeyman under ur bed stealin ur soul and chappals ?
Why ghosts always roaming in white dress???Is it their uniform. Also why they are appearing at midnight?? not in daylight??? May be "vampire" effect :)):))
But what about those desi ghosts?? Are they vampires also?? Or copied from foreign movies??:)):)):))
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