Do Combo Drives have 2 lenses

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Do Combodrives have two lenses,one for reading CD and one for DVD?
Because my drive is recognising only DVDs correctly and CDs are not recognised at all,it gives "No Disk inserted" message.


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Combo dirve have only one lenses ....i dont know the exceptions but combo drives have one lenses in have propably damaged the firmware of the Drive ......Try upgrading the firmware...or else if its under warranty you can alway replace it ....!!!!!!!!!!


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They have 1 lens but 2 laser diodes since the frequencies are different. You can burn out 1 and have the other still work but this is more likely on a writer than a reader. I have not heard of any readers burning out their lasers. But it could be due to dust or other things. Yes dust and other problems like dirty lens or stuck lens etc can do the same thing. Try cleaning the lens.
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