Directly MBA or MCA then MBA ??


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Hi Guys, a friend of mine is in doubt. He is currently doing BCA from Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangalore, in 5th Sem. He is in doubt as he wants to do, MBA on Systems but isn't sure if he should do MCA and then MBA or directly go for MBA. What do you guys advise. His 10 and 12 marks are good. Please advise how he should work his way through his career.


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First things first: Does he need earnings first or can he study for 2 or 3 more years? If he can study without any tension from family / parents, he should go for MCA as MCA after BCA is a good thing for future.
Even though MBA is a good option for career, it is easy to get executive MBA degree while working also. There will be no need to study the previous things from UG level. For MCA, having in touch with technical concepts will have advantage.
Though both these degrees are having enormous opportunities there in the market, it will depend on your friend how he wants to pursue the next education.


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NO he is not in a hurry for jobs. He just wants to focus on getting a higher qualification so that he has all the credentials that he needs to move up the ladder when time time comes.
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