Digital Camera: Nikon P4 or Sony Cybershot DSC-T10

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Hi Guys,

I need your guidance in deciding between Nikon P4 and Sony Cybershot DSC-T10. I find that Nikon P4 has more features while Sony T10 is sleeker and ultra compact.

What would the prices be in Mumbai?

Eagerly awaiting your guidance.



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out of the 2 i wud suggest nikon and if ur buying from mumbai u can try alfa in the suburbs.....


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I would suggest u go in for a Sony cybershot (oops! sorry to go against Nikon) mainly bcoz it has good after sales service, good customer support and it is sleek adn compact too.

U can go to this sie to check wats best for u....

Cheers n e-peace....


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I'm also for the Sony Cybershot. I've got a DSC-T9, and it's very good. Sony does give the highest quality. You'll have to pay for it of course, but you'll get more or less your money's worth, which is a lot :)


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The only thing i hate about Cybeshots is the MCPro .... the sole reason (good enough) i would vote agains Sony Cybershot's ....
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