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Digit Predictions 2009.

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It doesn't matter!
As the thread says predict anything from tech, movies, music, digit or even about any member for 2009.

My prediction - Earlier this year in Jan, Digit Mag started giving Dual layer DVD's, sometime before they began Fast Track and before that the DVDs.. So isn't it time they started giving softwares and other stuff on HD medias than on DL-DVDs..

And somehow i feel i'm not gonna be disappointed..

My prediction - BluRay Disc with Jan 09 Digit Mag.
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It doesn't matter!
K.. K.. I give in.. Jeez never thought i would get this kinda reaction..

Atleast you predicted..
More accurate prediction..
LSD- last time i had it, LSD got a trip..

Thread reported for closing..
Bad Sumeet_naik, no christmas gift for him..
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