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first year IT engineering
St Francis Institute of Technology (Mumbai University)

currently busy with exams--3 remaining


Name:- Nitansh
College:- Chitkara Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Rajpura (*www.chitkara.edu.in)
Branch:- ECE
Year:- 1st


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Amir Siddiqui, BCA - MCRPVV BHOPAL, MCA - ECIMT ALLAHABAD, Affiliated to UPTU Lucknow. Currently in MCA 6th semester, will complete in june 2009.


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Siddharth Ashok
B.tech. I.T. 2nd year

College of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Lucknow
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Well hello everyone, I'm cooldip10

Name: Dipankar
College: Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (N.S.I.T), New Delhi
Stream: Computer Engg.
Year: 1st.

Hello Aditya Sir, its very sad to see only two NSIT students here :(


Back to school!!
Name - Tkin(can't tell the real name;) )
Course - Computer Science & Engineering, 1st year.
College - Techno India College of Technology, Kolkata, WB

Respect to all seniors(howdy, old guys:D ) out there:cool:, anyone from West Bengal colleges?
Nice to see that so many of you guys are from E-Schools :D

Name : David
College : Sree Krishna College Of Engineering and Tech ,Anna University affiliated (Coimbatore)
Nativity : Chennai
Stream : Info Tech
Year : 3rd (6 th sem)
^^Hey, you from Anna University ?

I have been looking for admissions there. Whats the selection criteria now ?
I am not a citizen of tamil nadu, nor have I studied there.
But my Birth Certificate is from Coimbatore and my mom's education is from there.

Which quota do I come under ?
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