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Who will win 2014 elections

  • Rahul Gandhi (Congress)

    Votes: 8 7.8%
  • Narendra Modi (BJP)

    Votes: 54 52.9%
  • I want Narendra Modi but not BJP

    Votes: 16 15.7%
  • I want Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

    Votes: 12 11.8%
  • Others

    Votes: 4 3.9%
  • I don't want to vote for any of them

    Votes: 8 7.8%

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Sith Lord
Staff member
why call it wikileaks. It should just be leaks. It's not a wiki. It used to be though, before the Reuters reporter video.


Wise Old Owl


Wise Old Owl
Dr Zakir Naik Fan club, i imagine it would be filled with close minded stupid zealots
Zakir Naik-A fck who uses his medical degree as a cover to propagate his false religious stupidity and beliefs.No offense to my fellow Muslim brothers ,but he one is surely a SOB.
This one is a scholar ,got this gem of a comment from that fanpage.


Firecracker to the moon
People who are calling a ban on P.k haven't seen the movie. The Movie P.k isn't denying the existence of GOD, but the fraudsters.
Yes,I do know that this hurts sentiments and stuff


The Vagrant Seeker
"Kaliyug must also have its say." (not my words)
He is one of the agents of Kaliyug, the polluter of minds.

I recall one of his many 'stunts', that being calling some religious leaders to share the dais with him, under the guise of 'world peace and equality of religions', something like that, i think during the beginning of his 'career'. Sri Ravishankar was the one who had accepted his invitation one of those days. without losing much time, ZN quickly stooped down to his trademark-level, and the meet unveiled its true purpose - ridiculing & denigrating others and their beliefs, though yes, in a little sugar-coated manner.
SR later went on record, in a detailed interview of sorts, lamenting his decision to accept the invite, and detailing how that swoon resorted to verbal gymnastics to enthrall the zombie-audience and feed their collective superiority complex, engaging in smearing tactics. SR was literally caught off-guard on the stage, trying to make out what the hell was happening! he expressed disagreement there i think, and the next day or sometime later, in a public meet, expressed regret to have gotten trapped in the treachery of such a charlatan.
can't blame him. during those days, even i was pleasantly surprised and used to wonder about ZN, thinking of him to be some scholar attempting to unite people, until of course, i watched a video or two of his. there's a big ground here at Mumbai, which used to be reserved for his feed-the-zombies shows. since then, many print and visual media debates later and calls for banning his TV channel and shows, he's still continuing attacks on people's psyches, unabated i guess.


Cyborg Agent
Thank GOD i am not born in any religion, ( though on government certificates i have submit to one of the religion, but what i follow can not be considered as a religion, its a way of life)

this mullas, pops, and babas serve people what they want, thats it

and also its Kalyug, it will do whatever it has to do


Back to school!!
what is one positive change BJP will bring to the country, and by when will they do it?
India is corrupted to its core, its not possible to save this country. NO PARTY CAN DO IT. The overpopulation, and the mentality of greed will always prevail. Democracy will be the death of us.


Human Spambot
India is corrupted to its core, its not possible to save this country. NO PARTY CAN DO IT. The overpopulation, and the mentality of greed will always prevail. Democracy will be the death of us.
India is on 85 and China is on 100 with a change of 2 and 4 points respectively against corruption from 2013 to 2014

2014 Corruption Perceptions Index -- Results

When will we learn big country is never a problem. Then why our country is spiltted into states and cities with chief ministers and MLAs?


Sith Lord
Staff member
Oh. Was all ready to fight. No one said "development"?

Critics say that in the quest for big-ticket industries, from automobiles to so-called ultra-mega power projects, the state government has neglected basic social infrastructure such as education and sanitation. They say there has also been a price to pay for rapid industrialization—displacement of poor inhabitants, for instance. Sceptics question whether the Gujarat model can even be implemented on a national scale. “Numerous initiatives that the state of Gujarat has taken in recent years confirm the unqualified faith of the rulers in the workings of the market and in the capacity of the private investor to meet the development needs of the state,” said Atul Sood, a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi and a contributor to the book, Poverty Amidst Prosperity: Essays on the Trajectory of Development in Gujarat. “As a result, governance in Gujarat has been fashioned to the needs of the private investor with public investment taking a back seat. So unquestioned is the faith in private investor that the investor is not just bringing the investment but also deciding the priorities of development,” Sood said.

Read more at: The Narendra Modi model of development - Livemint

Apart from the flip side, there is also the matter of the terrible price being paid

Despite the bold warning from the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report of the catastrophic impacts of rising temperature on the global climate, Narendra Modi's Government is all set to enact changes to weaken the existing environment and land acquisition laws of India, in order to promote industrialisation and ensure high economic growth, allege activists and environmental experts.’s-war-on-environment

so in this case development =/= progress

Seriously, even thieves are preferable to this.


Human Spambot
^ what many blind people don't know about Gujarat.

Dubbing the entire Gujarat model hollow and substantiating their claims with a slew of statistics, some said that under the current Bharatiya Janata Party regime, the State has seen the closure of more than 60,000 small scale industries in 10 years and a massive mounting of the debt. They said even if one was to go by the Government’s own numbers between the years 2005-06 and 2010-11, growth in the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) in agriculture and allied sector was only 3.44 per cent.

Gujarat model of development draws flak - The Hindu

So this government trying to prove the same in pan India
Nod for ordinance to amend Land Act - The Hindu: Mobile Edition

So what will happens, farmers lose lands hybrid crops will come into picture. Hybrid crops increases diseases so there will be hospitals every corner and everyone will have multiple medical insurance :)


Back to school!!
And the alternative would be? We are a country of over a billion people and last I checked, the only country with such a large population is china which followed even a more extreme version of the so called Gujrat model and somehow is feeding their people.

We have a huge unemployed workforce and its climbing day by day. Last year over 100,000 unemployed junior engineers had registered themselves with the employment exchange in Tamilnadu alone. Over half of my friends have no job. Over 70% of my juniors have no job. EVERY ONE, from engineers to arts students are fighting for government jobs and bank exams. But these jobs also have a limit.

Everyday I see hundreds of people standing in streets outside our office and handing out leaflets, or asking us to enroll in some credit card program, these people, mostly aged 30 yrs or more are earning less than 10,000 pm, and have to support a family. No disrespect to anyone but what will happen to these people?

We have no remarkable industry in India, we have no oil, no nuclear fuel, no rare earth material(used for electronics). We do not have the expertise like Japanese people to use other countries resources to provide better service. Our workforce is poorly trained. We have no population control system. So, near future, when our population turns 2 billion, what will happen?

So what is the future of India? When our parents are gone, their pensions, savings all are gone, how will this unemployed people feed themselves? Or their family?


Super Moderator
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[MENTION=127004]amjath[/MENTION] [MENTION=56202]Anorion[/MENTION] ,never see anything with a narrow point of view for there is nothing in this world for which you can not get a justifiable disapproval.every thing comes with a price.creation & destruction go hand in hand.more people have been killed in car/automobile accidents than in two world wars put together but nobody asks for ban on & small scale industries not adapting to modern economic & technological trends are destined for extinction.

& if you think environment has absolute dominance over development rest assured that poverty & other side effects of poor development will kill people faster & more than any natural calamity in near future.
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