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Alright guys I have got a wonderful news for you.

SAVE 35% NOW on BUYING DEAD ISLAND (20% voucher discount + 15% preorder discount)

1. Head over to Green Man Gaming

2. Preorder Dead Island

3. When it asks for voucher code, use any of these vouchers:

Thats it. Its completely genuine & safe to use. :p

The only downside is that you won't get the preorder weapon item: The Ripper. This item is only available through Steam. Rest assured, you will get the Bloodbath DLC.
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I'd slaughter every zombie I saw, but by the time I got to the city and found tight alleyways overrun with monsters, I began to just run from objective to objective. No longer was I playing a game -- I was focusing on survival as if I were the one running from Point A to Point B.

Sounds fun !


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Vamsi, Gaurav, Sam & Ankur, which one of you peeps are in for co-op?

@varun: Did you get the game from there? How much did it cost you in INR? The pre-order discount is 15% as per the site, not 25%.


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I am also in. I have applied for Reliance 1Mbps connection yesterday.
Hopefully I will get it by Wednesday. :)

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you guys havent completed l4d2 yet and jumping on this one.First tell me should i delete that.

Anyways this game is not available yet will join when it is.


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@varun: Did you get the game from there? How much did it cost you in INR? The pre-order discount is 15% as per the site, not 25%.

Hmmmm. Well the preorder cost is $42.45 or something like this. Then just before purchasing, I used my preorder voucher code & the final price was $33.96. All in all, I had to pay Rs 1619.65 including the foreign currency exchange price. After the purchase, I got my key instantly.

My game will unlock on September 9 so I will play for a few hours, beat the heck out of some zombies :fc_bat: & let you all know how the game is. , is this game worth getting or not?

The reviews are out & majority of them have given 8/10. The choice is yours. The only thing I would say is either buy now because of the huge discount or dont buy.

Eurogamer – 6
TeamXbox – 9
IGN – 8
X360A – 84
Gamers Globe – 7
ShopTo – 4/6
Co-Optimus – 4.5/5 (General), 5/5 (Co-op) – 4/5 – 86 percent
GameTrailers – 8.5 – 4/5
Game Informer – 8.5
MediaKick – B+
Joystiq – 3/5
Destructoid – 7
Gamefront – 65 – 16/20 – 6

I agree with skud, its more like dead rising.

Below is the review I found on Cooptimus & this is what he had to say:

I hate saying that a game is a cross between game X and game Y, but writing this review is keeping me from Dead Island, so I’m going to do it anyway. I'd have to say the game reminds me of Borderlands mixed with your bloodiest zombie wet dreams and then infused with a healthy dose of first person, panicked, flailing, melee combat. There’s also hints of Fallout 3 in the game as well, both in terms of the RPG elements and the ridiculously gory violence. Top that all off with some gratuitous potty mouths and you’ve got a recipe for one Dead Island and a very Mature rating.

EDIT: I unlocked this game today using a trick & played it for 15-20 mins & I can say that I will surely enjoy it.

Melee is great. Its not like you can keep the LMB pressed & their heads thinking their heads will just get knocked off when approach you. The timing has to be right. Once they pounce on you, its tricky to kick them away cos you will have to press either LMB or RMB according to the instructions flashing on your screen.

Graphics are very good & the scenery is beautiful. The beaches look real nice as well as well as the interiors. I had already figured it out when I saw the youtube footages that I won't get disappointed with the graphics of this game.

Thats all I can say atm.
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Played the prologue and I am glad to inform that I didn't face any technical issues yet. No CTD, no freezing, no stuttering or any other weird anomalies. The game runs butter smooth with maxed out detail and looks really good, much better than CoJ. As I feared, there is no in-game V-Sync option, so I had to force it through D3DOverrider. Just waiting to start off with co-op now. :grin:


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Played a coop session with my buddy who also bought this game & its one helluva fun game. I can't imagine the fallout lovers here not wanting to play this game. I will post a coop gameplay video soon.

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It is not meant for single player.L4D series also is boring for single player.Co-op is best for these titles.


Slow for you but not for others. There are plenty of RPG games like these which are slow but thats how you enjoy the game. Rushing will only spoil it.

gaming strategy implies the game should be more enthusiastic & should eager wat next could happen . I meant the SLOW in term which is same routine game play just like DEAD RISING , but dead rising is filled with lots of features around the game .

so i assure those who likes to play singles player with this game , get a GI JOE toy its worth it :flamewar:
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