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Cycling or Jogging


Broken In
I've been busy with work for past 8 months and i didnt get much time to exercise. And now i have a big tummy which was flat a year back....
Ive decided to spend 1 hour excercising daily inorder to reduce my tummy..
i am in 2 minds.. thinking if i should cycle(outdoor) or jog...
The problem with jogging is i haven't run even 1km continuously all my life and think itll be difficult to start running now ....
I've Cycled throughout my school days but is cycling really effective compared to running
I would start cycling even if cycling for 45 mins at good speed is as effective as 30 mins jogging at slow speed

which is better cycling or running

amruth kiran

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mainly depends on where you live..
if in a apartment colony both cycling and jogging are best.. but if you'r really determined then jogging/brisk walking is the way to go.
for safety reasons cycling on main roads better be avoided if you live in an independent home.


The Vagrant Seeker
for tummy tucking, jogging-running (morning-time best). cycling can help if you ride for long distances. and if in outer-city the better (due to pollution), healthwise. moreover, you'll probably get one of those new lightweight alloy-frame geared bikes which are selling like hot-cakes, wherein riding-effort is quite reduced. best way, fitness POV, is to do both, with emphasis more on running and some other aerobic exercises after it.


No worries if you can't jog continuously for long distances.It takes time to build up strength & stamina.

Like Last year sometime during November, i decided to participate in a 10k marathon (held in Feb 2016). For me, a guy weighing around 75-77kg, running 10k was comical as i was a bit overweight. I should have been weighing somewhere around 65-67 kg. But, i took the challenge head-on, practiced almost daily(The Nike Running app helped a lot. You can set the marathon date in it & based on the remaining no. of days, it will plan a daily schedule for you which includes running/Jogging on some days/ cycling on some days & even a rest day every week)..
By January mid, i was somewhat ready as i had missed some days due to office. But my stamina was way better.I could easily run upto 5kms without panting like mad dog.
By feb, i was somewhat in the same situatuion. There were occassional 10k runs & sometime 14k runs scheduled by the app(btw, the app divides your daily running session into part running part walking, so don't worry, even 14k can be completed with some effort). On 14th Feb, the marathon day, i finished the 10k run in under 60 minutes( nowhere near the winner of 10k, but i wasn't running to be the winner. I ran because i wanted to see whether i could do it).
I still run 2-3 times a day now as the Rush feeling you get after finishing a run is unparalleled.

Don't worry if you get tired very soon. Rome wasn't built in a day. Your stamina will improve slowly, but surely. Always remember, its not how fast you run. Its how fast you recover after a run.


Broken In
In my opinion, Jogging is best. Even a Normal walk also helps. But you have to do it on a regular basis. Always prefer morning times for Walking, Jogging, Cycling.
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