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Current Global Recession - Boon or Bane

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Please share your opinion about its advantages and disadvantages.

I am more interested in its advantages or positive things about recessions.

For example i had learned that during recession activity on Social networking sites and especially in Matrimonial sites increases because two salary packets are always better than 1.


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My observation: during recession, grey hair in IT people increased very significantly.
Boon. During IT boom, it was very hard to get a seat in computer science engineering. Luckily, this time due to lack of demand I got a seat for Computer Science Engineering in a good college :D


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Boon for:

1) students pursuing higher studies. Reason: by the time they finish Masters, market will be in full boom
2) Employees getting not-so-high pay. Reason: with everyone doing cost cutting, companies will be looking for employees who doesn't ask for sky high wages

Bane for:

1) benchwarmers and employees without dedication
2) employees with high pay
3) Those who just finished masters
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