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Curfew in Goa town after Muslim boy teases Hindu girl

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New Delhi: Curfew has been imposed in Goa's Madgaon region following an eve-teasing incident. The incident of a Muslim boy teasing a Hindu girl was reported from a market place in Madgaon.
Bajrang Dal activists reached the market place and forcibly shut down shops.
The police had to resort to lathicharge to disprese the Bajrang Dal members and stop them from shutting down the market place.
(More details awaited)



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WTF is going on? What is Muslim, Hindu? Aren't we all humans?

Teasing is bad but from where do Muslims & Hindus come in the picture?


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Like I always said, diversity will kill this country, nobody ever understands and never will. Nobody cares!


I totally agree with u narangz , sometimes this media persons also use this word "hindu & muslim" , can't they just say boy & girl.


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:x:x:!::x:xban religion/caste/ :x:x:!::x:x
encourage love

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my 2000th post ....

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From where these religions came in between......Indian public are crap......They'll never understand that everyone is a human and everyone's religion is humanity.......

And then we say, "India will become a superpower".....It won't become until we eradicate these social differences.....

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I totally agree with u narangz , sometimes this media persons also use this word "hindu & muslim" , can't they just say boy & girl.

+100 For this.
we all are human first.
it is very shamefull to give these types of news here.
dont use Hindu or Muslim words.


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"A newspaper exists to sell itself."

I agree with this statement. Without sensational reporting or yellow journalism. And those who don't do sensational reporting, don't sell that much. A good example is of the newspaper "The Hindu".

At least, i can see that the people on this forum are educated and 'enlightened' enough to understand the deception of divide and rule policy, which unfortunately, is the only policy, to be adopted in full heart and soul by our politicians.

Combined with Weapons of Mass Deception (a.k.a the Mass Media), the ruling elite is able to manipulate our views, actions and reaction and thus goes on living on our head, and ruling us with brute force.

The government for the people and by the people, has turned its back on us.

Its the time to wake up!

Get awake, get real!


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if a hindu guy had teased a muslim girl in pakistan... then that guy would be toast.

anyway, it seems like there are many who have totally forgotten about the evils of eve teasing.. just think of it as this way.. think of that girl as your sister. how would you have felt if you read a page like this where everyone is sympathizing with that guy?
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