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CPU Vs DDR Bandwidth

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Come on and see this article written by Michael browne(Digit Team)
Title: Memoirs of memory (Digit august 2006)

He writes that bandwidth of a 32-bit 3.2GHz CPU is
3200x32=102400Mbps or 12800MBps
and 400MHz DDR RAM Lags in term of bandwidth by a factor of 4 here it is,
400x64=25600Mbps or 3200MBps

According to my opinion and knowledge,
CPU bandwidth depends on its FSB speed, not on Internal clock speed, i.e.
800x32(Pentium D)=3200MBps.

so 3200+latency<RAM>=3200<CPU>
for Dual Channel:
enough for CPU to reach 100% efficiency in terms of bandwidth. :)

Digit readers ! What do you think ?
All opinions are invited !



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