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Looking for a cpu cabinet supports water cooling with good cable management under 5500rs.

Thinking about this "Lancool PC-K62R2 Cabinet" comes with 3fans and supports water cooling facility.

What is your opinion and any alternative available ?

Thanks in advance


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corsair carbide 400r.
coole master haf 912 combat.

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post your configuration also..


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look for NZXT Source 530 retailing around 6k but worth the price or phantom 410.


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i am also looking for a cabinet please suggest which to get nzxt guardian 921r looks cool, nzxt phantom 410 or nzxt source 530 which is the best among these three metioned above


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Guardian has shitty cable management and if you have a long graphics card it will cause a problem.


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i have a 270x dual x sapphire.
so source 530 or phantom 410

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also i tried to find but different sites mention different details how many fans are included with case


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just checked comes with only 2 fans and the side panel window design not to my liking. can anyone suggest a cabi 6k max with the most fans included cable management and transparent side window
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