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Counter Strike Death Match (CSDM) help !!!

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We have 11 computers connected on a lan through two D link switches, was wondering if we could run CSDM on our lan and how????

i have tried installing it thorugh the AMX mod 1.75 and CSDM 2.0 but nothing would happen.


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@ Aqua,

Hey i hv the plugins for amxmodx,the plugins like sentry gun, long jump module, laser gun, buy_hp and armoury, 99999 money, fireworks , laser pointer for guns,.....etc

If u need it then mail me a blank msg with the sub "amxmodx" to ashu888ashu888@yahoo.com and i will surely mail them to u :)

Tell me if it worked or no.. (Sorry for the late reply)
BTW, it will be really nice if u continue ur discussions (from now onwards) to this thread

www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30841 , a request please :)

Cheers n e-peace....
The email wich u sent me regarding amxmodx, i cannot send the file to u, its giving me a Failure Notice.. please giv a yahoo email..
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