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Coolermaster Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler for AMD system


Point Blanc
Bought this in November 2009, not used. more than 6 months warranty left.

Reason for sale : Bought it for my LGA 775 board, but push pin broke(that was in November since then this has been with me kept just like that), hence selling of to AMD user.
the cooler has the retention bracket for 939/AM2/AM2+/AM3

Bought it in 1.3K. Interested people can PM with price offers to me.
I am in Bangalore.

Beside this friends, if anyone has bought any of coolermaster cpu coolers for AMD system earlier and can spare me the bracket clips for intel I will be obliged. Please do check with your friends also, as I am trying to not sell this and put it on my system. But any how I am ready to sell it off on good price if any AMD user wishes to buy.

I will upload the pic for it later in the evening.


Point Blanc
hi guys sorry had been away and kind of forgotten.
It is still available.
@khushal, where it needs to be sent. I thought I had posted the pics, will put them again


heh.. funny.. i needed coolermaster amd mounting clips for a geminII.. its been lying around useless..


Ghost From Hell !
does that cooler support lga 1156 processors coz i have core i7 870...if yes how much do u expect for it.
and btw im in bangalore so ur shipping cost would be nil...
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