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connecting a mobile to a car stereo system

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aneesh kalra

Mclaren F1 Long tail
I have a nokia n- gage qd mobile which has a 2.5 mm headphonne jack .By using 2.5 to 3.5mm converter first I manged to attach it to casette adapter which went into the tape slot of my kenwood krc-443z but the problem is that there is no bass or any beat in the resulting audio output although loud.Moreover my spekers are also decent 6x9 blaupunkts.I also tried to connect it to the aux in of my head unit but still there was no base or any beat and just plain loud sound.


Broken In
I dont think sound quality of N-gage is good enough
Though you can try equilizer in viking mp3 player
I dont remember the source just google it up
Still you want better sound Play your file in Windows media player with truebass in SRS WOW effects and record it using other application like Nero wave editor and save recorded file in your mobile and try it.


i might be wrong, but probably, the fone's power thru the headphone-out isnt enough... as in, there isnt enough power for the audio to be fully routed thru the converter-wires u set up... it probably cant handle it, so its output is a lot lower... i dun think the qd is meant to be connected to external speakers as such...


Wise Old Owl
try using some other audio source like any mp3 player or some walkman phones into thet aux in of the player nd see if the sound is ok. If ok then its ur ngage whos the culprit. It could deliver the basic sound quality. keep tryin man.
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