Connect Desktop HDD to laptop


I am having Dell XPS 15 with eSATA connector in it. Now i wanted to connect my desktop HDD to my laptop so i was thinking of buying an eSATA to SATA cable. My question is but how can i give power to HDD when i want to use it( as it wont run without separate power supply)??

Any alternate method to connect is also most welcome!!!

Come On Guys ! Help Me Out!


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You have with you a 3.5" drive right? You need to buy an enclosure, external power source is required to power up the drive.


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There comes a casing for some 300 rs thorugh which you can then use your Desktop hdd as Ext HDD. Same applies for vice-versa, but casing costing some 500.


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Get an enclosure or a dock. In either case, you need external power source.
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