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Congress buys Jai Ho copyright for 1 crore !!!

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Congress (or maybe MadameJI) seems to have loved slumdog so much that after listing the oscars as the achievements of the government (Yep its true!!)... they have now bought the exclusive rights for the 'Jai Ho' song for Rs.1 crore .... to be used by the local autowale bhaiyaa who will play the song on the loudspeaker ... they even sent a legal notice to BJP preventing them from using this song in the election campaign ....

Victims of Stupidity we Indians are !!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: after being in denial mode about the economy and being partly responsible for the sh!t we are in ,,,,i just hope that congress loses this election very badly .... JAI HO

source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com...o-copyright-for-polls/articleshow/4221647.cms


I read about this in the newspaper and heard that cong has requested for the editing of lyrics lol

like Jai hoo congress or something .
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