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confused...kindly help!!!

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dear all,
my C: has a capacity of abt 5.41 GB.....all the files an folders (incl windows and programs files) come to abt 4.0 GB or so, but the free space available on the disk is only 250 MB...

there is no paging file specified on C: (none of the drives infact)
i performed a virus scan on the C: , but there are no viruses(McAfee)
i have the windows XP SP2 installed on my system

i have connected another 20 GB drive to my conp on the same IDE...

wat cud be the problem....


There has to be paging file, even if U don't know about it


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wat i meant is tht i have not allocated any space on my C: for virtual memory
the total paging file for C: is 0 MB

wat cud be the problem...


Check under the folder Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Temp
Most probably its the culprit!


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man!................ i think it's SYSTEM RESTORE DATA...

in C:\System Volme Information which is by default "not accessible"

remove SYSTEM RESTORE DATA by diskclean up.... then click on "delete restore points" on bottom...

or if u don't need it.... just disable it...........


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Ya but still having tried all of ur trick i still can see that some of my space is being eaten by someone.


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I am not sure...

But try running a physical scan on your disk, may be (I mean MAY BE) your drive is facing a physical hardware problems.

Just check the size of the partition, by viewing the partition details using the FDISK (Please use the FDISK very very carefully).

Or try running the Norton Sytem Works.

Also Please try disconnecting the second HDD and check the partition size.

Before all these, please back up the files which you think are important, to another partition or may be another harddisk.


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I would prefer that u install the application that u use (not the standerd ones that windows install) in another partition. That will reduse some space , and u will get some space for defining paging file.


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shekar u were right, system restore was indeed the culprit, but only partly(i kind believe i missed tht)....i'm still 500 MB short...
capacity : 5.14 GB
size on disk : 3.84 GB
free space : 804 MB

i'm short by 1/2 a GB...is this normal...i have turned off system monitoring now...
the second HDD is disconnected...
any other sugeestions please ??

thanks for the help soo far...


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Just try out!
goto iolo.com download system mechanic from there.scan for duplicate files .also scan for junk files enable t he option prefect folder here. scan delete the files.also goto to disk cleanup delete the restore point except the latest.
And tell how much did u recover.


If you are using NTFS file system then its the cause. NTFS file system occupies some space on drives to store respective drive information.


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my C: is FAT32
arch, i dloded the sys mech...there indeed are a lot of duplicate files...is it safe to delete all those files...some are XP sp2 files as well....they are exact copies...
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