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I am planning to get broadband ADSL connection. However I am confused about the hardware to purchase for it. I want to go for a separate WiFi router and ADSL modem so that the WiFi router can then be used separately with other kinds of connections as well.

This cheap and good model DLink DIR-524 (Buy D-Link Wireless N 150 Router (DIR-524) at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews) says its N type router but there is no page for it on D-Link's website. Moreover there is an older DI-524 model which is G type roter. Is the info on the website correct?

Supposedly if I buy the ADSL model and Wifi router in one like this one: D-Link Wireless N 150 ADSL2+ 4-Port Router which costs Rs. 2100 in local market.

Will I be able to use one of the LAN ports as WAN ports if I change my Internet connection?

What would you guys advice?

P.S. also any feedback on the Binatone DT 845W model provided by Airtel at cheaper rate. Is it good and reliable enough, does it support WPA2 encryption?


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If you are planning to get new broadband than check with ISPs..they provide router with small initial charge with no monthly rental with some plans..
e.g. .MTNL.. they charge 600 for wireless with no monthly rent, if you get unlimited plan
hope it helps and I'm not going off topic..


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Type 2 modem is adsl modem +router all in one i was referring to the bsnl i don't know what airtel provides maybe other users who have airtel can help u


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^^which brand/oem & how much they will charge
sorry just overlooked the 1st post last line

i would suggest avoid that & get the asus one

even thier site hasen't listed that only DT815 is listed
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linksys/cisco products r very good but u have to get a seperate modem with this

Yes,but i already have a bsnl type 1 modem.I was looking for an upgrade to modem with wireless facility but bsnl said no stocks are there.So if i have a normal modem will the specified router work good ?
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