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comodo firewall pro gone crazy

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I am using XP SP2 on my dell laptop. comodo firewall pro is now behaving weirdly. It is blocking all access to internet. For example, when a program attempts to connect to internet, comodo asks if I should allow it. Even if I click on "allow", it still blocks it with log "suspicious behavior". I set the time limit at 60 seconds, but the firewall simply locks up the internet forever. It shows high and moderate level risk even to intenet explorer. I have scanned my system thoroughly for viruses too. It does not permit windows system update to occur, even antivirus update is prevented. The moment net is connected, firewall blocks all access. Repeated restarts too failed to solve this.I have now connected via another computer which has zonealarm as firewall, hence I could reach this forum.Any idea?

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Try for answers in the forum mentioned above. I used to have Comodo before. Under the settings, you have to change some setting. I think you have accidentally set it to block all or something like that. I don't remember it now.
As a last resort, if nothing works, reinstall Comodo. Don't save any settings when you're asked during the uninstallation.
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