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:confused: I have some basic doubts regarding Mobile Screen and colours?!Kindly help to find a solution!?
1.4096>>>65K>>>>>256K>>>>>16M, How colours are added?

2.How the no. of pixels correlate with colours? suppose if a screen has less pixels and more colors and vice versa,how to decide which is better?

3.VGA is 480x640 or 640x480? or they same?

4.Why no symbian phones have VGA? Why no windows mobiles have more than 65K?

5.HOw to correlate colours & pixels with depth,contrast,viewing angles and behaviour in direct sunlight?

Someone with experience,kindly enlighten us please!:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :rolleyes: :-(

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Hey, do you know that there are websites called and which solves other peoples questions. Try them.

A.01 - 1.4096 ?? Sorry. Never heard of that. 4K >> 65K >> 262K >> 16M.

How colors are added??????? What exactly do you want to know from
this question??

A.02 - Sorry. No clue.

A.03 - VGA is 640x480. 640 is width and 480 is the height. And usually it is measured during shooting in Landscape mode.

A.04 - Wrong question. Many symbian phones have VGA. Nokia 6020, 6600 etc. Many Windows mobile (now-a-days almost all of them)have more than 65K. 262K is now more normal resolution in case of high end mobiles.

A.05 - No clue.

I've given my reply from my limited knowledge. So if you want to know more then wait while I gather some more knowledge on this topic and also some technical knowledge also. Till then see ya.

And this is a very unique and interesting thread. Thanks..............


1. Colours are not added. Displays with higher colour are created from scratch. LCD display's main component is the liquid crystal. Maybe by altering the composition of these crystals or by changing the voltage passed through these crystals, the colour palette is increased.
2. More pixels are always better. Thats the reason why the world is moving from Standard definition to High definition. Nothing can match the sheer detail of high resolution display. Also higher resolution displays usually have high colour palette, so your vice-versa condition doesn't really apply here.
3. VGA can be 640x480 or 480x640
4. Increasing pixel size comes at a cost. The highest resolution currently available for S60 is 352x416 which is 4 times regular 176x208. Still Nokia reserves this resolution for only few phones because it adds a hefty amount to the price tag of the cell. Thats why Nokia prevented using 352x416 in N93 and N95 because there devices are already quiet expensive and a higher resolution can make them obscenely expensive. Currently given the prices of LCD technology, VGA has no chance of appearing in S60. But as prices drop, you can see them even in mid end smartphones.
Adding colours doesn't mean just upgrading your display. The os has to be tweaked as well to make full use of the available colour palette. Unlike nokia which has full control over symbian S60, manufacturers using Windows Mobile can't tweak the os as it can only be done by microsoft. Hence unless microsoft adds support for 262k display, manufacturers can't add 262k or higher colour screen.

5. Colours and pixels are not correlated with those factors. Manufacturers need to implement other methods to enable higher contrast, depth, better viewing angles, etc.


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yea krazy dude ... good info....
btw can ny1 explain this logic???
2^12 =4096

y isnt 2^20=1048576 color used???? instead of 262k colors???


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Execellant thread! Gr8 @krazyfrog,providing very useful information.
Regarding qn.4,the depth,contrast,viewing angle and behaviour in direct sunlight are not decided by the colour or pixels but by the type of TFTs,either 'Transreflective' or 'Active Matrix'.
Transreflective TFTs can be lit from front and back simultaneously, making them beautifully viewable indoors and out.So,these are viewed even in sunlight.These are employed in some 'Windows mobile' with embedded touchscreen technology making them more expensive.

Active Matrix TFTs seen in most of the nokia mobiles with dedicated thin film transistors for each pixels.
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