Have you faced Code 10 windows error ?

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I ain't Parochial !
Hi techno guys n gals(if there)!

I had recently bought a secondary HDD SATA WD 320Gb 3200AAJS SE8Mb model.
Since my Mobo doesnt support SATA standard, I use a PCI SATA adapter.

Few weeks back I had trouble formatting it. Full Partitioning more than 50 Gb at once requires patience! On that day, I didnt have and shut down comp in between partitioning. then some part of hdd became undetectable. all this was ok. I used to plug in the PCI card in another slot and it used to work.Point is it was detectable.

Now Windows doesnt even detect the SATA card. Interchanging the slot doesnt work. I even gave my sata hdd to my friend and full formatted it.

Windows device manager shows the icon (Yellow circle with ! ) with Code 10 error as the message. Windows Help explained it as some Enumeration problem.
(1) I think, Formatting and reinstalling Xp on primary will remove this code10 error.
(2) What should I do ? I dont want to format the comp and reinstall Xp !
(3) Microsoft site told me about some Hoptfix to solve this issue. I have asked for the hotfix but still no reply !

Please Help, I am in real dilema !:confused:


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I suppose u r using Windows XP............if that is so............my answer might be helpful for u.

Code10 error in XP:-
Cause: Registry entry missing
Probable solution: Update driver.

This is just the meaning of the error code...............


I ain't Parochial !
the driver is updated.
i have heard code 10 covers much more ground.
Microsoft site says code 10 error for HDDs, soud card and DV Camera could be some enumeration problem which can be fixed by some hotfix.

The problem is Microsoft has still not replied back or sent the hotfix link even after 2-3 weeks since I applied for it using their online form.

One more thing. I have reinstalled XP.
I installed the latest drivers for the SATA adapter PCI Card and put in the card. The comp detected the card and was fine.

Then when I connected the HDD to the card and started the comp, the comp became very very very slow. used to get stuck every now and then.
I waited and waited! finally I accessed Device Manager. the code 10 error has reappeared
My SATA adapter card has VIA6421 chip.
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