I gave CLAT this year just 4 fun and out of pure luck i got selected.

My score is 124 and my rank is 606 ( out of 21353 students) i can't beleive it but we will celebrate later first i want to know if anyone know which college i can get at this rank???


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You should get in the National Law School.
Btw, the topper ie Rank 1 is from my city and studied in my school!


I think you should go for the online counselling first and see what happens. As per the website, they will announce the counselling dates soon.

Link is there in the website home page.

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As I said earlier,I think the experience matters in the profession of law.
If a lawyer has graduated from the best of colleges does not always imply he is a good lawyer since they are weighed by experience.


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this is the ranking

1)NLSIU , Bangalore
2)NUJS, Calcutta

Nalsar , hyderabad is also an option... try to get one of these.. look at previous year counselling and u'll get a better idea
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