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[STRIKE]guys, sorry but I am about to ask stupid question ;)

I can not find clan while searching. search shows 4 mighty legends & all have very less clan points plus only 2-3 members and no mention of thinkdigit in description[/STRIKE]

Found minute later posting this just had to turn off "only clan I can join" Advance option. .

will soon join, right now moving up and down from 820 to 780.. so still need 20 more trophies to join..

name: Huseini (thats my real name too, can't change that in game now )
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Welcome man..there's clan tag in op you can search using that to find our clan easily.. BTW mention tdf while joining otherwise you might not get accepted :D :D


I know many won't like my post here, but I will just post nevertheless since I can't keep it up inside me.

This game is just a waste of time. Just like Farmville, Yoville and all those cr@p games on facebook. I don't know why people waste time on such games where they learn nothing. I like Subway surfer, since it's a game which requires mental agility and quick reflex. But I never liked the in game ads where I was prompted to download CoC. Similarly any games like Racing or even FPS makes you "learn" something. Makes your mind stronger. But "clash of clans"... wtf...

Seriously, its better you sit in the dark relaxing than waste time on a game where you get nothing in the end. Zlich.

And if people are still going to continue playing this.. I would know for sure what is wrong with this society. And then I would just unsubscribe this thread, and pretend it don't exist.
Theh can sell their base for.more.than 500$




Insane loot. :-D


Cyborg Agent


Insane loot. :-D

Been playing this game for 7 months now.

Insanely addictive. Love it.

Current TH9, Level 107, King -16, Queen - 12.
Ingame name - Darklord1011.
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