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Cheapest PC internet mobile

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i want the cheapest set available in market through which i can run internet on my pc .price range should be between 2000-3000 max (3000 limit)

please suggest a good phone with good battery backup .
and i prefer the set which has this - "charging is also taking place and internet is also running on pc ...i mean either it charges via usb or there is separate data cable connectivity and chraging" if the above doesn't find dont matter . suggest any phone with good backup .


6030 doesn't has modem bro (i had asked the seller) anyone can clear if it has modem or not ? i too want a new cheap cell for my pc internet .

so anyone here helping both of us ?


Hey here is the aks
ya 6030 does have any modem..only mobile wap can be used on it...net on pc can't be used with 6030..i m 100% sure as i used it manymany months back


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ya nokia 6070 is the only option i think. though i am using 6080. it differs by aroubd rs.200 i think


would n't a cheap edge enabled phone be a good option here?

is there any device that works like a usb data card that airtel gives just for using it as modem. I don't want to burn my e61i downloading overnight. i have to keep it on power and it gets very hot.


If you are looking for a handset for the purpose of internet use only then you do also consider Samsung CDMA Reliance [have no idea about TATA INCICOM]. I have not used it personally but one of my friends was quite satisfied with the internet browsing speed. Moreover it will be in your budget too.
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