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Cheap DVD media???

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Aseem Nasnodkar

In the zone
Well I just bought a sony 800a. The DVD media that I get here in Goa are Iomega for Rs 40 and moser baer for 45.
I wanted cheaper DVD media which wud wrk fine on my DVD riter. Please suggest some.
As I will be going to Pune and plan to buy in bulk. Also please let me knw... where in Pune can I get dual layer DVD media.


in pune you will get imation in rs. 27
iomega= rs. 34
moserbaer= rs. 40

but moser baer is the best

but if u looking for cheap then go for imation
imation dvd costs only Rs 20 ,4x only in cuttack,to be exact at Varatiya tower.About dvd dual layer my vendor tells me it has not been launched in India,though I have a SONY dvd dual layer writer.


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princo costs 20 bucks in mumbai !! moserbaer is for rs 42. buy moserbaer as it gives u the best quality.
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