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So I played with the S-Voice today. Here is a short overview.

First I told it to tell the current time. Did perfectly.
Then told it to show the time in Dubai. Did perfectly.
Told it to set an alarm for 6am. Did it perfectly.

Then I told it to ' Send a Message to Yashwanth that he's an idiot'. Surprisingly, it recognized it and typed it correctly.
The thing to remember is that you have to say it in one go. If you stop to think about the message, then it won't work . Since it sends the data as soon as the voice input stops.
Nevertheless it was ok, if not practical for long messages.

Then I told it to 'Play me some songs'.
It game a list of songs to play. However , I can't click a song on the list, I have to 'tell' it the name of the song. I found it awkward since selecting of the list would be better. Not to mention speaking the names of hindi songs would not work perfectly.

Now the best part. I first told it to 'Take a pic'. It didn't work. Then i said it even more slowly , it didn't work either. Here is what it recognized it as:

:-D :-D :-D Really an epic fail on it's side. I couldn't stop laughing.

Then I told it to 'Take a Picture' . It said this:

Then I told it to 'Open Camera', then finally it worked.

No excuse for this though:

Overall I think it's Ok, but needs a lot of work. It's not of much practical use right now.
However S-Voice has no personality of it's own unlike maybe Siri. After all it's Android. :-D

And here is a pic taken at a very dark environment :
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^^it's the signs to buy premium. Then it can recognize "take a pic".

I think it works better with US accent.


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Dude congrats on the amazing phone. I used the phone yesterday for the 1st time and it felt real light and good. Now my dad was thinking about buying one but after having used the phone in my sig for the last few months I was like "pay 38k for this tiny li'l piece of ehem.. phone?? No way!!"

I'm not trying to demean you or anything but if anyone is considering to buy this phone, try the Note 1st. If you like it, buy it. There's literally negligible difference between these two phones(quad core instead of dual core which in regular day to day usage WILL NOT make any difference, try it yourself but make sure that the Note is upgraded to ICS). Now if you'd desperately like to spend 38-40k then wait till Diwali when the Note 2 will be available.

Again no offence is meant to you eggman on your purchase decision. I just posted what I thought :)
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