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CD writing help

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How can I write a 720 mb 110 minute video file on a CD??? When I choose Nero's "Make a Video CD" option, it starts "encoding" the file @ 1% per hour.

Is there any other software?? Or do I have to split the file?? If yes, what software do I use??

Help!! I'm running out of hard disc space.


I think u will have to use the overburn feature in Nero. Go in Options>Expert Features>Overburn>....
Do the settings according to ur own wish.


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Video cds r made by the min. record.. a max of 82 min. i suppose..

How I do is use Ulead Video Studio to edit the file, delete useless bits of video where it's boring and make new file of same format.. MPEG I... pal or ntfs depending on input format...

WHEN THE FORMAT CHANGES... TIME TAKEN INCREASES... so look into those aspects... PAL or NTFS... MPEG I is sure...

Thus the 110 min. video file is converted into a 79 min. one by deletin scrap and then it is made into movie by either Ulead or Nero directly or VCD Gear

No other way I suppose... Or split the file if u need everything... but then space wastage happens in second cd... UR WISH IS FINAL...
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