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CD duplication at reasonable price!

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I’m looking for a company that does large scale CD duplication. I have a photo studio and video shooting shop. Recently I shot a video piece which could be breaking news for most of the world. I tried using internet marketing and personal contacts to popularize the content but I feel the need of CD duplicator. Is there anyone available in UK market as deals have not been able to come through here in the US. I need to make multiple copies (1000s in number) so that I can supply them in short time. All suggestions and tips are welcome.

Choto Cheeta

All drives now days supports Full DMA and with sata burners and nero commig with full support for multiple writer :lol: it becomes pretty easy to make your own duplicator....

but a CD written in 16x (for VCD playable in VCD players) would take 7 mins when burning as image from ISO / nrg format :)
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