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CCleaner 2 Beta released

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Source originating from Piriform Blog
Features of CCleaner 2.0:

  • Complete rebuild in C++
    With the requirements for a portable version, 64-bit compatibility and Windows Vista increasing against the limitations of the old architecture. We decided to rebuild the entire CCleaner application in highly optimized C++.
  • Faster analyzing and cleaning
    Each scanning process was rewritten from scratch and fully optimized. The result being a noticeable speed increase in all areas.
  • Portable
    CCleaner can now run from a USB thumbdrive and be installed/run on a computer without a complicated setup process.
  • Compact
    The rewrite removed all external file dependencies, so the main EXE is now half the size of the original program and support files.
  • Redesigned User Interface
    The original CCleaner user interface was looking a little dated, so the GUI was redesigned with a modern look, but without sacrificing speed or usability. New icons were created for the interface and the main program icon was updated with a more modern style.
  • Exclusions
    It is now possible to specify files, folders and registry keys to ignore from the cleaning process.
  • Loads of little tweaks
    Too numerous to mention them all separately, we've tried to improve CCleaner in all areas.


Warning: This is beta software, so we don't recommend you install it, unless you accept and understand that this version may not work 100% as intended.
We suggest that most users wait until the final release is made available.

Download CCleaner 2.0 beta now by clicking here


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
nice 1 ....... waiting 4 final version of CCleaner 2 .............
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