catch free rapidshare premium account

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ya me too getting Wrong Server Error
& All free-accounts are already taken
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Hi pals,
Im getting the wrong server msg when i tried to open the url... I tried using rapidcheck and found free premium accounts available at! but clicking on the rapidcheck icon do not work. what shall i do?


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Not exactly moved ... but I think since their resources became full on they had to shift to its better to buy a premium account then to spend sleepless nights finding free premium accounts or searching for hacks all over google which obviously don't work anyways!


is it safe to buy a premium account online?
concidering hackers and etc is this method safe?
Once I tried to buy using credit card, but failed to open a paypal account.

Is there any other method to buy a RS premium a/c?

i checked ur links but, it said that i have 2 sign in, really saying brother after signing in for 3 forums, now i didn't want to sign in for any other forum.

if u can give the information about the rapidshare premium accounts, then plz give it here. i'm not going to sign in the forum at any cost.


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hi people all the people telling you that they have premium accounts are actually faking you thy dont have it actually. they are gaining premium points as you people are downloading their files that is all


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Here is some advice to people looking for RS accounts. If anyone says they got free accounts for the taking and gives you a link in RS itself, pretty much trying to rip you off your time while they gain premium points. Don't waste your time.

Buy a premium account. It will save you all the time and efforts spent in trying to get a "free" RS account, which you won't get anyway.

And it is illegal to share accounts. So Digit should take care about these threads. But the tutorial and the RapidCheck software are genuine and legal. But they don't work anymore. RS has stopped giving away free accounts.


The Photoshop Guy has now shifted to as all the hdd of is filled. So they are no longer giving accounts on so stop wasting your time.. get an account on trust me it is worth.. when you make 10K points you can redeem it with a new account or renew your account.. the more you share the more points you earn.. so share and download..

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