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Career Help Plz

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hi guys,

cyborg here again with a new doubt

guys iam in my 6th final sem exams of mca and iam confused about where to step in IT industry

my 10 and 12 and graduation marks are not good and for a fresher these marks are essential

so i want to know that i should master in

java and oracle

or what

i like java and oracle as they are the highest paid jobs after experience

iam totally confused please help

see at the age of 25 iam useless guy my father goes to office at this age and iam sitting at home

my father and mother dont say anything to me but i know they expect from me

so please help me :-( thanks

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When will you pass out? My suggestion(from my personal experience) don't expect to have a hefty salary in the beginning. Try to get a hold of a job first, even if the salary is low. Get enough experience and prove in your workplace that you can be innovative. If you can afford for java and oracle certifications, I suggest you go for it. All the best :)


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^^yeah, experience will come to your rescue
start from small later the better will embrace you :)
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