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Can't connect to wpa2 network


Broken In
My billionton rt73 wlan card works fine at my home airtel wpa network
but when i try to connect to wpa2 or wep network in my office, it hangs on
acquiring network and fails to connect
i have windows xp sp3 and windows 7 dual boot configuration
on my hcl laptop but both fail to connect
i have searched on the net, but received a blank
Please help me:-(


Attitude matters
Please check with your office network administrator. Only he will know better than any one here since there can be many reasons.

From my personal experience limited to my home network ( I have no office and office network:smile: ) I can only cite two or three reasons.

1.The WPA2 security key you put in may be wrong.

2. Your network administrator could have limited the number if IPs to be served by the DHCP. If all the ip addresses are served already. you may not get an ip address.

3.Apart from IP address limiting, the administrator could have set-up the network using Mac address filtering. Only computers with the registered Mac address with him will get connection. Your computer's Mac Address may not have been registered with him.

4. Apart from the WPA key check with the administrator what security encryption is employed (there is something known as TKIP and AES) and set your modem to it. Some modems do not support a specific encryption and in that case you are out of the network. I am not sure of this since I am not a networking expert.:smile:

In my home network, I use IP limiting and Mac address filtering. Only computers known to me with their specific Mac Address can connect and they are served with a specific IP address.Only when a guest wants to connect his laptop, I increase the number of IP addresses by one, disable mac filtering and give him the key.Once he has finished I revert back to the maximum security.Even he cannot connect from the roadside thereafter.
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