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Cannot install any linux distro!!!

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I have a PC with P4 1.86GHz (Overclocked to 2.25GHz), 1GB of RAM, Geforce 5200, AsRock Motherboard, 120GB PATA and DVD-RW drive. The problem is that when I try to install any kind of linux in the machine, I get ridiculous error messages everytime. Even last time with Ubuntu 7.04 (from the Digit DVD June 2007) I got stucked when installing the distro. The error messages are so big and many in numbers that I cannot write them in the post right now.:mad: I think this could be a IRQ problem and after looking at the POST screen I found that many devices such as USB controllers and lan controllers shares the same IRQ.:D
Please Help:(


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post atleast the last message error what u get?otherwise its difficult to find a soltn.
the only problem u may face will be with ur gfx driver(nvidia) but that too can be set as either "nv" or "vesa" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf


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Well I dont know all about linux but i suggest load default setting in ur BIOS. or remove CMOS battery for short time and place it again to refresh CMOS.
or try other destro like fedora 7

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To the starter: You just tripped over a kernel bug probably. The scrollers you are talking about are kernel dumps.
Try booting with acpi=off .
Or try to run the processor with native clock settings. This used to happen to me in one of my older motherboards.
This has nothing to do with X not getting configured properly.


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debsuvra said:
I got the kernel panic : no init error in every linux distro:confused: :confused: :confused: What do I have to do?

Get a bootable Linux CD that will allow you to modify kernel boot parameters (almost all of them, AFAIK), and add an "init=" parameter to the kernel boot params. Check the distro's documentation to determine what init= should be set to, or ask on the distro's forum.


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Do u have system installed on harddisk already?answer this or do u tinkered with some files as root?if u can try installing alternate kernel or reinstall kernel if u got distro installed on hdd.
is init available. from a terminal ask "whereis init"

as with OP,irq problems are caused by a buggy acpi,it can be bypassed by appending options like acpi=off ,irqpoll on kernel line of grub.
if u can access distro in hdd -go to /var/log/messages and post the messages to http://pastebin.ca and link here
also post the output of fdisk -l and explain if u tried partitioning on hdd after linux installed(sometimes partn numbers may change) do u have seperate /boot partn?
edit:Now i think i know the problem-as ur using fedora,it got LABEL=(disk label) in kernel line.edit ur kernel line in grub replacing LABEL=/ by root=/dev/hdx where hdx is the partn number where Fedora is installed.Hope this helps.like LABEL in Fedora,Ubuntu uses uuid making difficult for n00b's figuring out what went wrong :)
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